About Us

E-TravelWare is a luxury destination travel blog which also talks about different places to go diving and enjoy the sea. Since traveling is not something that we can do or facilitate at the moment. We have decided to blog for the time being. We have quite a few experiences traveling and exploring the ocean which we believe can provide some form of entertainment until we can ramp up our traveling to the way it was before 2020.

For the time being, E-TravelWare will remain digital until further notice. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the content and can share some of your experiences about traveling and diving as well.

Content you can expect to find on this website:

Travel & Diving Blogs

As stated above, this website will post blogs on our travel experiences as well as places we have gone diving and explored the ocean. These will be posted in our blog section which is coming soon.

Private Charter Info

What is a luxury destination blog that doesn’t discuss anything about luxury destination travel? Whether you prefer yacht or private jet, we go over a few companies that we have worked with and believe are great options for travelers looking to charter their own travel time and space.

Yachts & Boats

Occasionally we like taking excursions on yachts. Sometimes these excursions involve diving. We will talk about two or three different yachts that we like and a few reasons why. These are yachts that we have had the privilege of being on while traveling and look forward to sharing our experiences.

Airplanes & Jets

Coming Soon…