Private Charter – Challenger 650 & Garlington 61

When traveling to most diving destinations. We usually choose one of two moles of transportation. One, via private jet. Two, via yacht. After having the privilege of traveling on a few private flights and yacht charters. We have had an opportunity to see which yachts and aircraft that we like traveling in the best.

The Bombardier Challenger 650

The Bombardier Challenger 650 Jet

I remember there was a time where this private jet was quite popular. Ironically, this is around the time where we had our first flight. Maybe a year or two later. The great thing about this jet is that it has a lot of space for a party of travelers. I believe it seats up to 10 or 12 passengers. Although when you remove the seats you can create a lot of extra room for activities or just relaxation. The cabin area of the airplane / jet is also quite wide, allowing you more room than a usual jet of this size. Traveling on this with diving equipment is also great because of the extra room. Permitting you don’t have too many passengers.

So you’re probably wondering, why such a big aircraft for diving? Well we had to travel from somewhere North in Canada to somewhere West in the United states. For the four of us, we needed something big, that could also carry our luggage and travel a long distance. Bombardier is a common name so it was an excellent fit for what we needed at the time. We believe choosing something like a Gulfstream would be a little too pricey and possibly a little too big. For a look at the Bombardier Challenger 650 aircraft for lease, visit this website.

The Garlington 61

The Garlington 61 Sportfishing Yacht

We have probably traveled in more yachts than we have in private jets. Yachts aren’t necessarily our favorite, but they are something we have a lot more experience with. It’s also typically not as expensive to get a yacht charter as it is to get a private jet charter. Out of the years that we’ve been able to charter and use for ourselves. Garlington has definitely been a name to remember.

Similar to the private jet, we fit approximately four to five people in our Garlington. The difference is we didn’t have as much luggage with us and we weren’t traveling as far to get to our destination. Overall our experience with Garlington was great. We had enough room to enjoy ourselves. Plus we had enough room to sleep comfortably as well. Besides diving and other activities, this is probably one of my favorite yachts to travel and spend leisure time on. Click here to find out more on the Garlington 61 yacht and how it may be good option for your travel needs.

For more information or to book a yacht / private jet charter for yourself. Contact us and we will connect you with one of our booking agents / brokers.

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